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«A good word is the best gift»
African proverbs and sayings from everyday life

Editor: Hans Knöpfli

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The book written in German, entitled «Grasland - eine afrikanische Kultur», published 2008 is the combined and revised version of the original four volumes first published in English on the «Crafts and Technologies in the Western Grasslands of Cameroon».

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I met Hans Knöpfli when he was working on “Crafts and Technologies in the Western Grasslands of Cameroon”, his impressively detailed four books on the grassland peoples of Cameroun and their art and crafts. Through him I got to know a little about the culture, art, and language of the part of the country he lived and worked in for many years. The books were a big undertaking, filled as they were with illustrations, photographs and stories gathered over the years, and painstakingly ordered and recorded. References and stories behind every item are just as fascinating. That sort of research activity would take several graduate students, their professor and a university backing to carry out. Hans Knöpfli did it on his own. That is the measure of his dedication to understanding and learning from the community he lived with and worked with most of his life in Cameroon.

Meja Mwangi, Author

Dear Hans Knöpfli,

I am delighted with the books you have sent. Very, very interesting and full of new information. Thank you very much. I am a basketmaker and teach on an Ethnobotany course at my local University Anthropology Department.»

Best wishes
Mary Butcher, Canterbury, GB